At DRS Financial Services, we understand the importance of helping our clients achieve their financial goals through effective and smart investment planning. One of the key challenges of managing a portfolio is the need for regular monitoring and adjustments to align with market movements and the client's risk profile. However, many advisors fail to do so due to the time-bound nature of making multiple transactions frequently. That's why we have developed a unique offering for our NJ E-Wealth A/c Clients called 'MARS'.

MARS is a technology-powered tool that solves this problem by effectively managing asset allocation through periodic rebalancing of the portfolio. It utilizes a research and logic-driven scheme selection process. With two broad asset allocation offerings - Dynamic and Fixed, MARS is the answer to our clients' worries about portfolio management. By incorporating MARS into their investment strategy, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their portfolios are being actively managed and optimized to achieve their financial objectives.

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